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Get off the beaten track, get lost and you’ll be rewarded. p.s. while you’re hardly far from civilization you will find a few mobile phone dropouts at the most inopportune times.  It adds to the adventure.  Be sure to toss your GPS, too.
Gnarly, hardened old oak trees are prevalent.
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Flaring Sunset Iowa Loess Hills near Climbing Hill
a good day is often sandwiched between a beautiful sunrise and sunset.
glaciers of around ten thousand years ago.  So you could say we have a good bit of Montana and the Dakotas underfoot.  The ecology reflects it.  Cactus, rattlesnakes, prairie grasses and  assorted varmints.  Legend has it the James gang hid out at Joy Hollow near Westfield on their Northfield Minnesota raid.  I’m not sure whether that was before or after they jumped the chasm on Split Rock Creek at Garretson, SD. But enough of that.  While some of you may be interested in the dirt, more of you are looking for some great scenery, perhaps a little exploration and recreation.  What do these hills have to offer?  If you're a cyclist you won't find a better place to tour.  Take advantage of Iowa's great farm to market road